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Your Local Social Media Marketer for Port Melbourne, Port Phillip

I’m in the business of helping you turn your (business) ideas into great results. With my team of specialist I work with you to explore all of the ways of maximising your idea’s potential.

I don’t just focus on talking to your target audience, I consider the emerging ones as well. I think of myself as your creative strategy partner, and I’m obsessed with thinking outside the circle and employing my companies integrated Strategic Creative Execution philosophy to your idea.


Sky News Business – Local Social Media Interview
Sky News Australia Business reporter Harry Frost interviews Steve Hubbard on the best social media platforms for small businesses to keep up to date and to find their customers.

Chris Dobbin
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Get To Know Chris

1) Tell us about your Marketing qualification and the University from where it was attained?

Bachelor of Computing (Information Management), Multimedia and Design

2) Social Media Skills … what channels get you most excited from a business marketing perspective?

Linkedin for Business Contacts, Facebook for Ads and Targeting awareness, Google For Search Targeting

3) What is it that you are really Good At and you are most Passionate About?

I’m a pretty good all rounder at sports, I love trying new foods and red wine.

4) How do you feel about running and marketing your own #LocalSocial media marketing Business?

Having a almost moment of buddhism, as for me it’s the perfect calming storm of community, design and marketing coming together to enhance people’s lives.

5) What aspects do you love most about the Community where you live?

Port Melbourne has the small town feel on the outskirts of the Melbourne CBD with views, so it brings together a lot of things I love about Melbourne.

6) Where were you born and how did you come to live where you are now (and for how long)?

Born in Ballarat, moved to Melbourne to study in 1994 and never looked back, so spent over half my life in Melbourne now, meaning I get a little lost trying decide on my loyalties to either!

7) Tell us about your Perfect Week (eg. Social Media Marketer, Family, Fun and so on…)

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Day Port Melbourne Company Design and Social Media Offsite working on St Kilda Rd Design and Social Media Design and Social Media Brunches/
Watching AFL Football
Watching AFL Football
Night Home Family Business Network Event/Touch Rugby Date Night Network Event/ Touch Rugby Date Night or time with friends/Business Network Event Date Night or time with friends Friends/ Family / Project work

More on Chris

8) Are you Apple or Android?


9) Your T-shirt size?


10) Your Casual and Corporate clothing labels?

Casual: Politix, Roger David Corporate: Marcs/Oxford

11) Your shoe brand?


12) Your Footy Team?

Essendon Bombers

13) Your Friday night Food & Beverage selection?

Pizza / Guinness / Red

14) You enter a room and your theme song is playing … who’s the Band/Singer and what’s the Song?

Lose Yourself – Eminem

15) Your favourite Movie of all time?

Thursday and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

16) Your Significant Others?

Sharon (De Facto), Taylah-Jade (Daughter)

17) If you could Spend Time With Anyone, living or dead, who would that be?

Steve Jobs / Richard Branson / Elon Musk

18) Who is your Celebrity Doppelganger? 

A very trimmed down, Seth Rogen

19) What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Chocolate Mint Chip or Cookies ‘n’ Cream

20) Where do you most want to travel to?

I have been to New York, Barcelona and Prague and can’t wait to go back

21) Where’s the favourite place you’ve been?

Barcelona or New York hands down

22) Give three words that best describe you?

Honest, Loyal and Philosophical
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