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As a Marketing and Communications professional, I’ve worked in the Social Enterprise in the Education, Leadership and Training space, Not For Profit (NFP) and Community sectors for several years.The overall aim of qubeSocial is to gain competitive advantages for our clients using Social Media Marketing tactics to attract and retain you more prospects, customers and sales.

Sky News Business – Local Social Media Interview
Sky News Australia Business reporter Harry Frost interviews Steve Hubbard on the best social media platforms for small businesses to keep up to date and to find their customers.

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Get To Know Shaun Knott

1) Tell us about your Marketing qualification and the University from where it was attained?

Awarded scholarship and successfully completed Digital Communications Apprenticeship with and industry partners – 2013. Copywriting for Business by Damn Fine Words – 2013. Effective Communications Techniques at Chisholm TAFE – 2014. Adobe Suite – Photoshop course – Udemy 2015 and Indesign (independent study)

2) Social Media Skills … what channels get you most excited from a business marketing perspective?

The second you sign on to Facebook and the stream of posts buying for your attention, you can’t help but connect with the stories and the conversations that are stirring up a buzz. No other channel can rival this. I believe, Facebook, is a great vehicle for building social engagement a business that puts the customer at the centre.. Twitter is like an open office with two people having a conversation that allows anyone from in and outside the a room to join in. Twitter is especially great way to follow strategic connections and live news feeds and listen to what is been said about you, the potential to attract like minded people to your ‘space’, including business supporters and potential customers. The use of hashtags can help attract relevant people into your community.

3) What is it that you are really Good At and you are most Passionate About?

Creating engaging content. I’m passionate about connecting and engaging with people to create blended value through an effective online presence that can drive offline participation.

4) How do you feel about running and marketing your own #LocalSocial media marketing Business?

Excited by the challenge, to back my passions and grow strong local connections.

5) What aspects do you love most about the Community where you live?

Its cultural diversity and great music scene. Take a walk down down Sydney Rd and eat from any number of cuisines from around the world. It has people living here from a broad demographic of students, young professionals and families, migrants and people who have lived her all there life, which means there’s a real energy about the place to grow community.

6) Where were you born and how did you come to live where you are now (and for how long)?

I grew up in the leafy suburbs of Boroondara close to Camberwell Junction. Before landing up in Brunswick, we were living in East Melbourne in a little apartment and after close to 2 years later it was time to upsize with a baby on the way. Spending a short time in such a beautiful pocket of inner Melbourne highlighted our keenness to still be able to get arond by bike and Public Transport and access to parks. In the end we were lucky to land a place to rent in Brunswick in a place with enough space for two young children – for now. There wouldn’t be any foreseable reason to move out of the area if we can’t help it. So, I think we’ll be here for at least 5 years or for many years to come.

7) Tell us about your Perfect Week (eg. Social Media Marketer, Family, Fun and so on…)

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Day Planning and client engagement.meeting Content creation and management Metric analysis and reporting Client Engagement/meeting and content scheduling Planning and management Catch up with friends and take kids to park Have a jam/go for a walk
Night  Kids routine Kids routine Networking event Yoga Kids routine Kids routine Family Dinner

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8) Are you Apple or Android?


9) Your T-shirt size?

Small to Medium

10) Your Casual and Corporate clothing labels?

Casual: NA Corporate: NA

11) Your shoe brand?

Many shoes but no real favorites

12) Your Footy Team?


13) Your Friday night Food & Beverage selection?

A local/craft beer and a middle eastern cuisine

14) You enter a room and your theme song is playing … who’s the Band/Singer and what’s the Song?

The Cat Empire with Harry Angus singing to The Car Song (with beat boxing)

15) Your favourite Movie of all time?

Maybe the Matrix (but probably something else that doesn’t spring to mind right now)

16) Your Significant Others?


17) If you could Spend Time With Anyone, living or dead, who would that be?

My dad who passed away

18) Who is your Celebrity Doppelganger? 

At University people used to say I looked like Mel Gibson

19) What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Choc berry

20) Where do you most want to travel to?

Central and Latin America

21) Where’s the favourite place you’ve been?


22) Give three words that best describe you?

Empathetic, Friendly, Determined
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