Social Media Marketing and Management (min 4 weeks)
Social media presents an extraordinarily cost effective, targeted and measurable communications channel for businesses to share their messages.
Yet perhaps as many as 95% FAIL to take full advantage of what these media platforms can offer.
Primarily to:
• To AQUIRE more customers / clients; and
• To KEEP more customers / clients.
Note Facebook ads spend recommended ($300/week min.) is not included.

  1. Audience Building
  2. Targeted Messaging
  3. Engagement Increase
  4. Increased Website Traffic
  5. Build the credibility of individuals and their business/brand;
  6. Create more and stronger connections;
  7. Drive people to website and/or online landing pages;
  8. Raise awareness of businesses, what they stand for, who they are & what they offer;
  9. Provide improved budget effectiveness, enabling a far greater spread of integrated marketing activities; and
  10. Generate sales and ultimately, to PROFIT!
Key Deliverables

  1. 6 days/week Messaging
  2. Copywriting for Facebook Ads
  3. Links to Landing Pages
  4. Reporting Insights
  5. 1 Author’s Correction (Update)
$600+GST each
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