Success on LinkedIn and in fact in all Social Media channels relies on the principle of leveraging and building your reputation with your existing professional (and personal) connections as well as building new connections that will also hold you in high regard.

Yet many LinkedIn users fail to do this effectively and damage their reputations because they forget the simple rules of engagement when it comes to interacting with their existing and prospective audience online.

Here are some of our introductory consulting sessions to assist you progress your online marketing profile whether it be personal or business:

LinkedIn Workshop

Discover how to use LinkedIn to gain exposure, engage customers and grow your business:In this 60 Minute Free Workshop You Will Discover:

    1. Why LinkedIn is the most powerful yet underutilized Social Media platform for Business-to-Business (B2B) enterprises and Professional Services Firms
    2. Why LinkedIn is the perfect marketing hub that links the top 3 social media tools in the B2B and Professional Services space; Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs
    3. How much time you will need to invest into social media marketing to reap the benefits?
    4. How to make your message stand out and be noticed?
    5. What are the marketing Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

Who should attend?
Whether you are new to LinkedIn or have 500+ Connections, if you have not used this social media platform to seriously improve your business or your career, then this is for you.

Business owners, Independent Consultants, C-Suit Executives and Recruitment Firms have all been benefiting from LinkedIn in the USA for the last 3-4 years. Flying under the radar and noise of Facebook, LinkedIn has been the quiet achiever, but now it has reached critical mass, even in Australia, with 1,500,000 members!

LinkedIn, like all other forms of Social Media is still in its infancy, yet now even students are jumping onto the channel to research employers and to get advantage in the market place. If you own, manage or are responsible for marketing in a Professional Services firms, like Accounting, Law, Architecture, Engineering, I.T., Financial Planning, etc or Industrial & Technology firms, ranging from Manufacturing to Software & Hardware then you will benefit greatly.

Marketers who are reasonably new to Social Media have been getting amazing results and you can too!

Key Deliverables

  1. Presentation Notes
  2. Increased Exposure – 85%
  3. Increased Traffic – 63%
  4. Qualified Leads – 52%
  5. Closing Business – 48%
Marketing With Linkedin
Full Day Tailored Workshop

The Full Day LinkedIn Tailored Workshop includes Brainstorming and Recommendations on your:

  1. Personal Profile
  2. Company Profile
  3. Connection Strategies
  4. What you can be researching using LinkedIn
  5. How you can be using LinkedIn for insights into your customers, prospects and industry
  6. Content Development Strategy
  7. Sales / Business Development Strategy
Key Deliverables

  1. Website Review
  2. Develop a Unique Profile
  3. Maximise your Profile
  4. Connect with Clients, Suppliers, Prospects
  5. Learn LinkedIn Productivity Tools
  6. Getting Recommended
  7. Online Networking
  8. Research
  9. Strategy for developing unique content and promoting it
  10. Build relationships
  11. Getting in front of your target audience
Marketing With Linkedin
Half Day Group Workshop (Min. 6 Participants)

The Half Day LinkedIn Group Workshop focuses on the technical aspects of LinkedIn and teaches the participants to master the basics of the software interface as well as the ‘ethics’ of this social medium.

  1. Understand how LinkedIn fits into your overall marketing objectives
    and strategy
  2. Gain an understanding of LinkedIn capabilities and how they apply to your business
Key Deliverables

  1. Develop a Unique Profile
  2. Maximise your Profile
  3. Connect with Clients, Suppliers, Prospects
  4. Learn LinkedIn Productivity Tools
  5. Getting Recommended
  6. Online Networking
  7. Research
  8. Strategy for developing unique content and promoting it
  9. Build relationships
  10. Getting in front of your target audience
$500+GST each
LinkedIn Personal Profile Development

Receive a unique and professionally written LinkedIn Profile

Key Deliverables
$500+GST each
LinkedIn Company Profile Development

Receive a unique and professionally written LinkedIn Company Profile summarising your brand’s point of difference and getting across it’s personality. Set up of up to 10 products or services.

Key Deliverables
$500+GST each
Linkedin For Recruiters
Half-Day Workshop

  1. Develop talent attraction strategies for your business
  2. Connection with the significant passive candidate market who are not actively looking for work.
  3. Gain an understanding of LinkedIn capabilities and how they apply to your business
Key Deliverables

  1. A talent attraction strategy which fits your business
  2. Candidate short and long lists that will lead to placements and hires
  3. Advanced research techniques
  4. Connecting with candidates and sources
  5. Engaging directly with Talent
  6. Review of your Candidate Tracking System and recommendations on managing candidate data
  7. A strategic approach to networking: Building Talent Pools
  8. Understanding LinkedIn Profiles
  9.  Approaches to phone engagement
  10. Client Management Strategies
  11. LinkedIn advertising tools
  12. Build your employer brand in the eyes of candidates and networks
$1500+GST each


  • Participants are required to be “on LinkedIn” – please make sure you connect with your trainer before the workshop
  • Computer
    Internet access
    Projector (required if there is more than 1 participant)
  • Please provide a digital photo on the day


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